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21 infallible tips that will help you lose your extra pounds

21 infallible tips that will help you lose your extra pounds

You may have already started to pay attention to your diet to eat balanced meals and do more sports in hopes of losing your extra pounds .

Whatsoever, sometimes, these efforts are not enough and it can be very frustrating in this case to see that our weight does not go down.
If you can not lose weight or want to prevent your weight loss from stagnating, then read on to discover 21 effective tips to help you lose weight over the long term without difficulty!


The trap is not to control the quantities we eat.
It is by drawing unlimited in the bowl of chips, the pack of M & M's or the pot of ice that we eat too many calories which one does not really need any more.
Even if you find it boring, make the effort to weigh the food or at least limit yourself to a defined portion, especially when it comes to caloric, fat or sweet foods.
You will see that it will change everything for your weight loss, because often we do not realize what represents the caloric intake of a portion that is on the plate. The quantities are really important!


Green vegetables such as spinach, kale, green cabbage, watercress or green salad not only contain plenty of excellent nutrients for health, they are also a lot less calories than most other foods.
Most green vegetables have less than 50 calories per 100 grams, and almost no fat, no sodium and no sugar.
By eating a lot of green vegetables, or in any case, more than what you used to eat when you could not lose weight, you will be satisfied with the least amount of calories possible, and you will allow your body fill up on nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin K, iron and fiber.
So it's a great way to eat a lot in quantity while losing weight!
And this is proof that there is no need to starve to eat fewer calories .


As with many things, it's better to bet on quality than quantity, and that's especially true for sports.
If you want to burn more calories, it may be strategic to shorten your sports sessions a bit, but to adopt a more intense pace.
You will find that you will burn a lot more calories than if you do a very mild sport, and that this intensity will allow you to both muscle faster and lose weight.


Sometimes the feeling of hunger actually comes from dehydration of our body!
If you have a strong desire to nibble , be sure to first hydrate yourself and then you can consider going for a snack or a small snack.
You will often find that this 0-calorie glass of water can do you so much good that your hunger can pass, or that it can in any case allow you to feel less hungry and choose a healthier snack.
So be sure to always keep a bottle of water with you and drink water without moderation throughout the day, especially before, during and after the sport.


Chia seeds contain vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. The big difference between Chia seeds and other seeds such as nuts or cereals is that they contain a lot more: Chia seeds are one of the natural foods that contain the most antioxidants.
They are therefore known to prevent up to 70% the formation of free radicals that contribute to the premature aging of cells.
Eating Chia seeds helps to reduce the risk of cancer, preserve the skin but benefit from the essential nutrients they contain.
To eat, you can slip into your cakes, your bread, or sprinkle on a yogurt, a cottage cheese, a smoothie, a salad, toast or even use to thicken your sauces or soups.


To lose weight quickly and easily, we must be aware that we will have to make sustainable efforts, in the long term or even the very long term.
The goal is to adopt healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis to find the line and stabilize its weight.
To achieve this, the key to success is to be motivated.
It's often easier said than done, and you may not know where to start or how to do it.


Even if you are in a hurry or you are in the habit of eating in a few bites just chewed, make a habit of eating slowly!
The meal must be a moment of pleasure and relaxation. By slowing down the pace and eating more slowly, you'll find that you'll enjoy more of the moment, and several studies show that eating slowly leads to fewer calories on a full day.
So take the habit of chewing well, and take the opportunity to try THE thing to do before each meal to avoid overeating .


To avoid the temptation to buy a candy from the distributor, bakery or Starbuck around the corner, always have healthy snacks with you like almonds or a fruit like a banana or an apple.
This will allow you to eat as soon as you are hungry and not to arrive totally hungry at the next meal - because that is what drives us to make bad nutritional choices.
Ideally, you should never sit down to eat or eat on an empty stomach to avoid going to the most fatty and sugary dishes that can be found.
On the contrary, if you are hungry, do not stay with that uncomfortable stomach feeling that is digging and making a healthy snack even after dinner.
You will feel better, and you will eat even more balanced at the meal after what will only help you lose weight!


Doing yoga can really do as much good for your body as it can save you up to 550 calories in a 1.5-hour class.
Try to be as tonic as possible when you hold the yoga postures to maximize the benefits and remember to get as much muscle as possible because a session a little shorter but more intense will be more effective than a longer session but made with less intensity.
Some yoga postures are really easy to do and accessible even to beginners and at home without equipment.
For example, try to lift your legs against a wall every day, it seems that it can do you as much good as a sport session .
It's good to know for anyone who hates physical activity or who does not have the time to play sports every day!


In addition to being really delicious, apples naturally reduce appetite, which is very useful when you want to lose weight.


This is the advice that allows you to better control what you eat and avoid making poor nutritional choices.
Do not wait to be hungry to decide what you will eat and try to prepare your meal (or shopping) full stomach, at a time of the day when you feel full.
This will save you from making impulsive decisions, wanting to throw you on fatty or sugary foods and nibbling during meal preparation because you are really too hungry.


Washing your teeth right after your evening meal is a simple trick to avoid eating after dinner.
It is very effective.


Several studies show that lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of weight gain, and it even seems that not getting enough sleep increases the risk of adult obesity by 55%.
So remember to sleep well , follow these tips to fight against insomnia and try to make the habit of sleeping on the left side , it will allow you to have a better sleep.


It is really advisable to eliminate industrial foods and prepared foods from your diet, especially if you want to lose weight because they contain few nutrients but a lot of calories and can be addictive.
In addition, preparing your home-cooked meals allows you to control the quantities, to know precisely what you put in it, to eat less salt  and fat and to remove the preservatives.


Did you love drinking orange juice at breakfast when you were younger? Me too.
However, nutritionists advise not to drink fruit juice at the same time as the meal, otherwise, instead of being a valuable source of energy, fruit juice is a useless surplus of calories and avoidable stress for your digestive system.
Instead, choose less sugary fruit juices to drink when you have an empty stomach, and if your goal is to burn more fat, try not to drink it before or after your workout.


Several studies show that drinking green tea can help lose weight because it speeds up metabolism and reduces stress.
It's a nice way to give weight loss and hydrate yourself with a nice drink.


Eating hard , boiled , fried, omelette eggs with this crispy recipe or scrambled eggs at breakfast will help you eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours after your meal and also help you lose weight!  
It's even scientifically proven. So if you like eggs, do not hesitate: indulge yourself with a good balanced breakfast within 30 minutes after waking up, and it will give you a real slimming boost!


Taking the stairs is an excellent habit to take.
This will help you feel good about your heart and lose weight, especially if you climb the stairs quickly, contracting muscles to have thin thighs and muscular buttocks .


According to a study done to determine the ideal running time and speed to improve one's physical health, running for just a few minutes each day can significantly improve a person's health.
So even if you do not like running, Try to make the effort just a few minutes a day.
You will do a lot of good for your body and you can promote your weight loss by burning even more calories!


Keeping a food diary is a great way to lose weight because it allows you to be aware of what you really eat, how much and how many calories you eat each day, and it allows you to better analyze the eating habits you need. change or conversely those you need to keep 
It's a very simple habit to take, and it can really help you lose weight faster so it would be a shame to miss it!


Skipping is a great cardio exercise  - a 65-kilo person can burn up to 132 calories while jumping rope - but it's also a convenient and easy exercise to do.
Work out at home, and skip even a few minutes to get started. You will see that you will soon feel the benefits!

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21 infallible tips that will help you lose your extra pounds

Why our brain plays a role in our weight loss

Why our brain plays a role in our weight loss

scientist says,
If you have tried to lose weight by changing your diet and doing more sports but you have not managed to lose weight, it may be cause of your brain.


The brain has considerable power over our weight, our metabolism and our appetite  - and more particularly the region of the hypothalamus, which acts more or less as a control center on our body temperature, our thirst or our hunger.

And several scientific studies show that it is particularly difficult to overcome what has already been determined in our brain.
The brain has a very clear idea of ​​how much food we need to eat and how much we should weigh, so the efforts some people make to change their diet or exercise are not always enough. to achieve his weight loss goals.
Because when we eat less, we tell our body that we are short of food. Instead of promoting weight loss, our body will do precisely the opposite by increasing our appetite and slowing down our metabolism to conserve and store fat.
Low calorie diets are therefore not recommended for weight loss because they almost always fail in the long term.
The brain has become accustomed to having a higher weight and to eating certain foods (perhaps sugary or fatty foods) for years and it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight by making only changes in one's diet or his physical activity.

Ensuring your physical and mental well-being is actually just as important as eating healthy and exercising if you want to lose weight.
In addition, because our brain knows exactly how much food we need to eat and how much we need to weigh, it also means that it can withstand our attempts to lose weight.
It is for this reason that some people can eat what they want without getting fat: they are simply programmed to weigh less.
That's also why when you go on a diet and you lose a certain amount of weight, you put a certain weight on it and then you have a lot of trouble to continue to lose weight or not to pick up a few pounds. .
Often, it's because the brain does not accept this new low weight and resists change.


Although of course a balanced diet and regular physical activity are necessary to succeed in losing weight in the long run, having a slow and sustainable approach is by far the most effective way to lose weight.
The good news is that you can reprogram your brain by making healthier lifestyle choices over the long term, by reducing your sugar and carbohydrate intake, drinking more water, exercising regularly and making sure you sleep well.
Unfortunately, we often tend to think that the goal is to lose weight quickly, while small but steady changes will lead to better results in the long term.

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Why our brain plays a role in our weight loss